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BBQ Like a Pro on Your Next Caribbean Noosa BBQ and Beer Party!

15 Caribbean Noosa Courtyard Poolview
Posted in Accommodation at 26 February, 2018

Who says you need to break the bank to indulge in great tasting dinner when you can spend some days treating yourselves to DIY barbecue at your very own holiday address at Caribbean Noosa? At Caribbean Noosa, a barbecue gazebo can easily turn ordinary day...

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Five Travel Tips for the Budding Jetsetter!

14 Caribbean Noosa Bedroom Poolview
Posted in Accommodation at 12 February, 2018

Set your sights high as you plan your next international trip from your hometown to any point in this world. If you love the whole jet setting lifestyle, then mastering the art of traveling is a must. Here are five travel tips to help you ease your way ar...

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Look to Caribbean Noosa for Your Ultimate Relaxation Needs!

5 Caribbean Noosa Bedroom Waterfront
Posted in Accommodation at 22 January, 2018

Are you looking forward to a seemingly perfect summer with your mates and/or your family? Why not make the most out of your holiday weekend as a bunch as you schedule your trip to Sunshine Coast for a host of sports or cultural festivities to satiate your...

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Stick to an Effective Summer Skin Care Regimen!

Caribbean Noosa Pool1
Posted in Accommodation at 11 January, 2018

Traveling to Sunshine Coast anytime soon? Before you check in at Caribbean Noosa for idyllic Noosa Holiday Apartments deals, make sure you are ready for the great weekend ahead. The summer will especially be a little harsh for your skin, but you'll never...

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Noosa Water Activities to Inspire Your Sunshine Coast Vacay!

Humpback Whale 7
Posted in Local Attractions at 22 December, 2017

Welcome to the beautiful Noosa, where weekend adventurers are encouraged to explore like they've never explored before. If you are ready to try out some pretty cool water adventures Here are some certified Sunshine Coast activities to check off your bucke...

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Have a Waterworld of a Weekend on Sunshine Coast!

Posted in Accommodation at 04 December, 2017

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and everyone's getting busy planning their holiday goals with their loved ones. While it's true that going for a long weekend out of town with your loved ones for a weekend can be too much to ask of your time as y...

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Best 5 Things to Do on Your Holiday in Noosa

Hastings Street Association
Posted in Local Attractions at 30 November, 2017

Unwind on Noosa Main Beach Noosa Main Beach is one of the Sunshine Coast's most visited beaches, offering golden-white sand and safely-patrolled water that is perfect for swimming or surfing. Enjoy a fantastic view of Noosa National Park sitting on the he...

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It's A Jungle Out There!

Jungle Love Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 19 November, 2017

It's a jungle out there, indeed! Why? Our friends from the Jungle Love Festival are slated to conquer the Sunshine Coast airwaves from the 30th of November through the 2nd of December at 1133 Yabba Creek Road, Imbil. Jungle Love Festival is a boutique mus...

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Sunshine Coast's Best Craft Beer, Anyone?

Craft Beer Cider Festival Sunshine Coast Qld
Posted in Local Area & Events at 02 November, 2017

Sunshine Coast is on a roll, mate! Just when you think you've covered all bases when it comes to food and beverage-related festivities, there's another one brewing your way before the year ends. All you beer and cider lovers and connoisseurs out there, he...

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Time for Some Water Sports Action with Kawana Aquathlon!

Kawana Aquathlon
Posted in Local Area & Events at 25 October, 2017

Water sports action surely is up for grabs this November. If you thoroughly enjoy events such as the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival, then this popular event might also float your boat. Say hello to Kawana Aquathlon, a water sport event that is held...

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Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra
Posted in Local Area & Events at 11 October, 2017

Hot, hot, hot! If you are one of the thousands of people who are absolutely and passionately in love with chilli, then this event is for you. Say hello to the first-ever Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra, a community event organised by the Caloundra Chambe...

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Go for a Noosa-Inspired Adrenaline Rush with Noosa Triathlon!

Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 21 September, 2017

Posted under Events Get your temperature rising as you welcome your November with a different sort of adrenaline rush! The Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival will be giving attendees a major boost to their sports stints, and it's a five-day activity you...

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Premium Add-on Activities to Complement Your 2017 Wanderlust Adventure!

Wanderlust V1
Posted in Local Area & Events at 08 September, 2017

Premium Add-on Activities to Complement Your 2017 Wanderlust Adventure! Posted under Local Events Have you and your friends made up your mind about attending the 2017 Wanderlust from November 9th thru 12th? If your answer is yes, then you'll definitely ju...

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Your Transformation Begins at Wanderlust!

Posted in Local Area & Events at 30 August, 2017

The Wanderlust Festival is arguably a worldwide phenomenon for many discerning wanderers, weekend warriors, and pleasure seekers from all over the world. If you are travelling to Sunshine Coast anywhere from November 9th through 12th, then don't miss an o...

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Tour The Historical Big Pineapple with the Fam!

The Big Pineapple
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 August, 2017

If you want to add a dash of history to your next Sunshine Coast trip, then this 1971 Queensland Tourism Icon is hard to miss, especially when it's a gigantic tropical fruit sitting right smack in the center of what is one of the most idyllic spots in Aus...

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Escape to Caribbean Noosa this Weekend!

Caribean Noosa 1140395
Posted in Accommodation at 25 July, 2017

Thinking of going anywhere this weekend? Life is too short, so go out there and ride that bike, go dive into the sky, explore the rainforest, and more. Let Sunshine Coast show you how to have fun. Here are some travel ideas to keep in mind as you embark o...

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A Tash Sultana Concert You Can't Afford to Miss!

Tash Sultana V1
Posted in Local Area & Events at 13 July, 2017

Fans of the 21-year-old busker turned sensation Tash Sultana is one of the fast-rising Aussie you can't ignore, and she's been touring parts of Australia to bring her music to her fans closer than ever. It's hard to pass up an opportunity such as this. Ra...

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A Festival for Film Buffs!

Posted in Local Area & Events at 20 June, 2017

Enjoy the forthcoming 2017 Caloundra Film Fest as it splashes its way on Sunshine Coast. Slated on September 1st, this much-awaited festivity will be showcasing a wide range of features, documentaries, short films, and a pop-up cinema in Moffat Beach. Is...

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Have a Smashing Night with Kitty Flanagan!

Posted in Local Area & Events at 08 June, 2017

Laugh like no one's watching with the one and only, Kitty Flanagan. Considered one of Australia's best known comediennes, Kitty Flanagan has surprised the world with her knack for comedy. Don't miss her forthcoming Smashing Tour at the Events Centre on Au...

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A Weekend of Bliss and Relaxation at Caribbean Noosa!

Posted in Accommodation at 23 May, 2017

Fill your Sunshine Coast itinerary to the brim with heaps of leisurely activities which you and your family will enjoy. Whether you're into cycling, horse riding, day trips to the Ginger Factory or SEA Life, or flyboarding, the choice is up to you. Take c...

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Enjoy a Family-friendly Marathon, Sunshine Coast Style!

Posted in Local Area & Events at 11 May, 2017

Are you and your friends stoked for the upcoming 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon 2017? We are, too. Well, here is your chance to be part of the ever-growing community of runners from August 18th through 20th. The 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon is generous in providi...

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Explore Brand New Marine Adventures with SEA Life!

Posted in Local Attractions at 24 April, 2017

Explore Brand New Marine Adventures with SEA Life! Posted under Local Attractions, Accommodations Embark on a unique marine adventure with our friends at another world-famous Sunshine Coast attraction. Explore SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, in Mooloolaba, with...

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Jazz Up Your Life with the Upcoming Noosa Jazz Party!

Posted in Local Area & Events at 10 April, 2017

Jazz up your life as you partake in the forthcoming Noosa Jazz Party, which kicks off with two crazy good concerts headlined by The Australian Jazz Ensemble and the Noosa Chorale, at The J, Noosa Junction at 7PM on August 25th and 27th, and 2:30PM on Augu...

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The Perfect Sunshine Coast Holiday Awaits At Caribbean Noosa

16 Caribbean Noosa Lounge Poolview
Posted in Accommodation at 28 March, 2017

Find a real treat on the Sunshine Coast at our picturesque holiday accommodation in Noosa Heads, an idyllic spot sitting near the top of the famous Queensland coastline destination. At Caribbean Noosa we provide everything you need for a comfortable and e...

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Experience the Beauty of Noosa Heads

Caribean Noosa 1140350
Posted in Accommodation at 10 March, 2017

Noosa Main Beach's beautiful setting and gentle waves makes this special Sunshine Coast beach the perfect place to relax and swim in the sun. One of the few north-facing beaches on Queensland's coast, Noosa Main Beach certainly stands out amongst the rest...

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Luxury Two Story Apartments in Picturesque Noosa Heads

13 Caribbean Noosa Courtyard
Posted in Accommodation at 26 February, 2017

Find tropical paradise on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa Heads, where this lush hinterland spot makes the perfect location for a peaceful yet exciting holiday in a picturesque location that offers surfing at the beach, strolling through beautiful national pa...

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Noosa Food and Wine Festival May 2017

Noosa Food Wine 2017 V1
Posted in Local Area & Events at 10 February, 2017

Those that love matching tasty food with great wine won't want to miss the Noosa Food and Wine Festival this 2017! Watch as the picturesque northern Sunshine Coast town of Noosa comes alive with over 70 events happening over this unmissable four-day event...

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Celebrate diversity at the Noosa Rainbow River Festival!

Rainbow River Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 26 January, 2017

Millennials have opened up our world to different perspectives of the society that have never been thought of before. Today, we view gender identity and expression as a fundamental norm of what it is to be true to oneself. And as such idea strengthens, it...

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Caribbean Noosa: Your idyllic couple's getaway

5 Caribbean Noosa Bedroom Waterfront
Posted in Accommodation at 14 January, 2017

Enjoying the wonders of nature every once in awhile and escaping from the breath of the big city sometimes gives us a satisfying feeling of enriching one's soul and appreciating more the innate beauty of our world. Some may consider hiking on mountain tra...

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Visit the Noosa Regional Gallery and Find Your Inspiration

Tree Place
Posted in Local Area & Events at 20 December, 2016

The Noosa region is filled with beauty and wonder. When you come for a visit, touring the natural attractions is a great way to start. Just see to it that you go beyond that by exploring Noosa's creative side. Established in 1981, the Noosa Regional Galle...

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Explore Noosa's Endless Dining Choices

Wasabi Restaurant Bar
Posted in Local Attractions at 07 December, 2016

Besides the wonderful beaches and natural attractions, exploring Noosa's dining scene is a must. With over 170 local restaurants that offers different cuisine and dining experiences, the place has become a serious food destination. So make sure you explor...

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Get Ready for the Noosa Summer Swim & Noosa Festival of Surfing 2017

Noosa Festival Of Surfing 2016 1
Posted in Local Area & Events at 28 November, 2016

Swimming and surfing enthusiasts get ready to arrange your travel plans especially your accommodation in Noosa Heads as two exciting events are coming early this 2017. First on the list is the Noosa Summer Swim. The event is presented by Milk Co and will...

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4 Tips to Achieve a Relaxing Holiday

Pure Health Massage
Posted in Local Attractions at 10 November, 2016

If you really want to have a relaxing holiday, choose Noosa. The region is surrounded by the beauty of nature giving you the peace and serenity you deserve. To get you ready for your relaxing holiday in Noosa, below are four helpful tips. 1. Stay in a sec...

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Christmas in Noosa:3 Things to Do

Christmas Carols Spectacular
Posted in Local Area & Events at 22 October, 2016

Are you ready for the most wonderful time of the year? Then take the whole family and book a stay at Caribbean Noosa. This unique and secluded paradise offers one bedroom apartments near Hastings Street Noosa with a choice of Garden, Poolside, and Waterfr...

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Spend the Holidays at Noosa and Enjoy the Festivities

Noosa Junction
Posted in Local Area & Events at 10 October, 2016

Heading over to Noosa Heads this Christmas season? Make sure you plan your holiday early to avoid hassles. Begin by searching for the perfect accommodation. If you want a secluded and peaceful location but has access to several attractions, Caribbean Noos...

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Visit the Eumundi Night Markets this December

Eumundi Markets
Posted in Local Attractions at 28 September, 2016

Noosa Heads features several wonderful attractions; not to mention, activities you will surely enjoy. For instance, taking part in Noosa River Cruises or visiting the Noosa National Park to witness the beauty of nature and amazing creatures. But after all...

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Spend summer at Caribbean Noosa

girl on boogy board
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 September, 2016

Noosa one of Australia's most beautiful and well-visited beach. It is a world-famous surfing destination, known for its very stretchy beaches and colourful bays at sunset. There are many reasons why people love going to Noosa! BEACHES! Number one reason....

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Spend Your Vacation at the Noosa Holiday Apartments

6 Caribbean Noosa Balcony Waterfront
Posted in Accommodation at 24 August, 2016

Spend Your Vacation at the Noosa Holiday Apartments Are you planning for a relaxing and peaceful vacation and yet you still don't have an accommodation? Check out this wonderful secluded paradise with the best Noosa Holiday Apartments, the Caribbean Noosa...

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Things You Can Do During Your Vacation in Noosa

Noosa Beach Classic Car Show
Posted in Local Area & Events at 12 August, 2016

Going on trips for business or pleasure involves considerable preparation and research. You want to make the most of your time, and your money, as well as have the maximum amount of pleasure while away. One of the sure ways to make sure you'll make the mo...

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Caribbean Noosa, The Best Accommodation in Noosa Heads

14 Caribbean Noosa Bedroom Poolview
Posted in Accommodation at 27 July, 2016

You will find an Accommodation in Noosa Heads just right for your holiday needs and budget with these self catering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments or for those wanting more space and luxury on their Noosa holiday, why not enjoy one of our 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedr...

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Noosa International Film Festival

Noosa International Film Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 06 July, 2016

From the entertaining to the educational, inspirational to thought-provoking, NIFF will present Australian and international new release films and incredible shorts to an Australian-wide audience over the Festival weekend. Escape to a world of cinema as d...

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Experience Fun When You Book A Holiday Accommodation Noosa

Noosa Longweekend V2
Posted in Accommodation at 28 June, 2016

There's nothing more relaxing than planning and looking forward to a Holiday with your family. It's a time to strengthen your bond and what better way to do it than to go on vacation and when you do, make sure that you are booking the best Holiday Accommo...

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Fun Filled Holidays When You Stay at the Best Accommodation in Noosa Heads

King Of The Mountain
Posted in Local Area & Events at 11 June, 2016

Every day we deal with so many responsibilities and commitments our job, our health and our relaxation. We owe it to our families to give them a good time and engage in other fun filled activities! That's why vacations and holidays exist. Before you pack...

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Spend An Awesome Holiday at the Best Accommodation in Noosa Heads

Manly Art Gallery Museum
Posted in Accommodation at 25 May, 2016

Every once in a while, we need a breather from our busy lives. You know you've been working and you deserve a break! Vacations are the best when you need a time out from your daily routine. If you haven't been to the Sunshine Coast, then now is the perfec...

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Things To Do When You Book at One of The Best Apartments near Hastings Street Noosa

10 Hastings Street Cafe Boutique Motel
Posted in Local Attractions at 14 May, 2016

Planning a vacation is one of the most exciting things you can do. Apart from knowing that you'll be off from work for a while and you get to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city, you know you'll be able to rest well especially if you book Apartmen...

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Have a Memorable Holiday in Noosa

6 Caribbean Noosa Deck Waterfront
Posted in Accommodation at 25 April, 2016

Take a break and treat yourself to an amazing holiday. Ideally located in Noosa, have your fill of exciting attractions, shopping, dining, and more. Book our Accommodation in Noosa Heads. Our one bedroom garden view apartment is perfect for up to four gue...

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One-Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 07 April, 2016

Since 1978, Noosa Arts Theatre has been running the National One-Act Playwriting Competition. With an $8,000 cash prize pool, it attracts entries from playwrights throughout Australia, and many other countries. Scripts are judged anonymously by a professi...

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Enjoy Your Stay at Our Apartments in Noosa

4 Caribbean Noosa Balcony Waterfront
Posted in Accommodation at 29 March, 2016

If you're travelling to Noosa for business or pleasure, you may want to book our resort. We have fully furnished apartments that are perfect for you as well as guest facilities to suit your needs. We have a great selection of apartments. Our one bedroom g...

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Noosa Food and Wine 2016

Noosa Food Wine 2016
Posted in Local Area & Events at 10 March, 2016

Bring your appetite and go on a gastronomical adventure. Noosa Food and Wine is back again! More than 50 chefs from around Australia will be in Noosa including Pete Evans, Ben O'Donoghue, Matt Golinski, Massimo Mele, Spencer Patrick, David Pugh, Ian Curle...

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Noosa Festival of Surfing

Noosa Festival Of Surfing 2016
Posted in Local Area & Events at 25 February, 2016

Get your surfing fix this March. From March 5 12, 2016, enjoy the Noosa Festival of Surfing at First Point, Noosa Heads. The 25th annual Noosa Festival of Surfing will be 8 days of pure stoke with more than 30 divisions including longboard, shortboard, fi...

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Stay at Our 1 Bedroom Garden View Apartment for 5 Nights

Caribean Noosa 1140254
Posted in Accommodation at 11 February, 2016

Whether you're travelling on your own or with friends and family, you'll love our resort. Our resort has everything you need to have a relaxing holiday. Budget travellers will be glad to know that we have special promos. Save money and spend more on shopp...

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