Since 1978, Noosa Arts Theatre has been running the National One-Act Playwriting Competition. With an $8,000 cash prize pool, it attracts entries from playwrights throughout Australia, and many other countries. Scripts are judged anonymously by a professional panel of three industry experts. The three finalists are selected on the quality of the writing, not on subject matter; and the winning order is decided before the plays are presented in this Festival.

Noosa Arts Theatre is proud to offer this rather unique opportunity to aspiring and established playwrights and showcase the finalists as part of the Noosa Long Weekend Festival.

The three finalists are (in no particular order):

A POET PASSES     By Allan Mackay, NSW

Plot Synopsis Ann Elton and her daughter Natalie arrive at a crematorium one winter’s morning for the funeral of Ann’s husband, Ken Elton, a famous poet they haven’t seen for seventeen years. In the lead up to the service they meet people who will fill in the blanks in their knowledge of the man who deserted them.

DEAD LOSS     By Richard Harris, PNG

Plot Synopsis Trevor Loss, more widely known as his stage name – Tor Loss – is an over-the-hill ex-rock star.  He is in trouble with a drugs gang, having purloined from them 2.5 kilo of high purity cocaine with a street value of over $1M. With the gang after him and police surveillance outside he must resort to drastic measures to secure his safe and economic future. Then fate intervenes before his plan comes to fruition, with hilarious results.

HARRY’S BOUNTY     By Pauline Low, WA

Plot Synopsis Lexie and Stan have been looking after Harry’s old factory since it closed its doors over a quarter of a century ago.  But now two young people arrive with news that will ultimately change all their lives forever.

Enjoy the One-Act Play Festival from July 1 – 16 at Noosa Arts Theatre. Our Noosa Heads Apartments are just a few minutes away from Noosa Arts Theatre.

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