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Keep up to date with Caribbean Noosa accommodation, specials and local events through the Caribbean Noosa blog.

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Have a Waterworld of a Weekend on Sunshine Coast!

Posted in Accommodation at 04 December, 2017

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and everyone's getting busy planning their holiday goals with their loved ones. While it's true that going for a long weekend out of town with your loved ones for a weekend can be too much to ask of your time as y...

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Best 5 Things to Do on Your Holiday in Noosa

Hastings Street Association
Posted in Local Attractions at 30 November, 2017

Unwind on Noosa Main Beach Noosa Main Beach is one of the Sunshine Coast's most visited beaches, offering golden-white sand and safely-patrolled water that is perfect for swimming or surfing. Enjoy a fantastic view of Noosa National Park sitting on the he...

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It's A Jungle Out There!

Jungle Love Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 19 November, 2017

It's a jungle out there, indeed! Why? Our friends from the Jungle Love Festival are slated to conquer the Sunshine Coast airwaves from the 30th of November through the 2nd of December at 1133 Yabba Creek Road, Imbil. Jungle Love Festival is a boutique mus...

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Sunshine Coast's Best Craft Beer, Anyone?

Craft Beer Cider Festival Sunshine Coast Qld
Posted in Local Area & Events at 02 November, 2017

Sunshine Coast is on a roll, mate! Just when you think you've covered all bases when it comes to food and beverage-related festivities, there's another one brewing your way before the year ends. All you beer and cider lovers and connoisseurs out there, he...

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Time for Some Water Sports Action with Kawana Aquathlon!

Kawana Aquathlon
Posted in Local Area & Events at 25 October, 2017

Water sports action surely is up for grabs this November. If you thoroughly enjoy events such as the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival, then this popular event might also float your boat. Say hello to Kawana Aquathlon, a water sport event that is held...

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Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra
Posted in Local Area & Events at 11 October, 2017

Hot, hot, hot! If you are one of the thousands of people who are absolutely and passionately in love with chilli, then this event is for you. Say hello to the first-ever Ignite Chilli Festival Caloundra, a community event organised by the Caloundra Chambe...

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Go for a Noosa-Inspired Adrenaline Rush with Noosa Triathlon!

Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival
Posted in Local Area & Events at 21 September, 2017

Posted under Events Get your temperature rising as you welcome your November with a different sort of adrenaline rush! The Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival will be giving attendees a major boost to their sports stints, and it's a five-day activity you...

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Premium Add-on Activities to Complement Your 2017 Wanderlust Adventure!

Wanderlust V1
Posted in Local Area & Events at 08 September, 2017

Premium Add-on Activities to Complement Your 2017 Wanderlust Adventure! Posted under Local Events Have you and your friends made up your mind about attending the 2017 Wanderlust from November 9th thru 12th? If your answer is yes, then you'll definitely ju...

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Your Transformation Begins at Wanderlust!

Posted in Local Area & Events at 30 August, 2017

The Wanderlust Festival is arguably a worldwide phenomenon for many discerning wanderers, weekend warriors, and pleasure seekers from all over the world. If you are travelling to Sunshine Coast anywhere from November 9th through 12th, then don't miss an o...

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Tour The Historical Big Pineapple with the Fam!

The Big Pineapple
Posted in Local Attractions at 09 August, 2017

If you want to add a dash of history to your next Sunshine Coast trip, then this 1971 Queensland Tourism Icon is hard to miss, especially when it's a gigantic tropical fruit sitting right smack in the center of what is one of the most idyllic spots in Aus...

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